If this were a t.v show, or an anime, this is where my voice would turn all suave and deep and I would say, “Hello, sup, how you doin’?” Since it is none of those things, I shall wave spastically and say, “Hiya!” Welcome back blarghers to this…blargh, so aptly named.

So you saw the title and went, hey, what gives? I’ll tell you what gives, your resolve, clearly. Because you haven’t been writing much have you, you little ink monkey you! It’s okay, you’ve been plot blocked, the bad bit is, you did it ¬†yourself! This is what happens when you play with yourself too much and start to worry about it. Don’t worry! No one is watching you do it. You’re writing is secret, it’s hidden, it’s safe.

Plot block happens when you over think things, is everyone watching me, will they see it, will they hate me, judge me for it? Oh no! You worry and frazzle your little ink monkey brain pan and fizzle out. Stop worrying and over thinking things. You need to give yourself permission to write, to write what you want and how you want. Still scared? Very well then my inklings, I give you permission to be you, to be the youest you only you can be, to do and write only the things you can do. Do it.

You have to understand that there is this mystical, magical art that comes into play after your novel is finished, and that’s called editing. And it fixes stuff, oh boy does it, and then comes beta reading. But first, you have to let it sit, like a good stew, good writing is a mix of many things and it has to sit and simmer before it’d done and can be properly digested. Get it?

So write on my weary ink monkeys, worry not. Write. Don’t be plot blocked. Write without fear. Just bury yourself in your story and words. It’s not that hard to start, I promise.

There once was a

OMG PLOT BLOCKED IM PLOT BLOCKED WORRIED, HYPER VENTILATING, WHAT DO I DO? Well looky here, there’s a fine, writerly person standing before me. Say there, you, oi, yeah you, with the awesome and shapely buttocks, care to finish this for me? Don’t worry, it’s just commenting in a comment box below and running away with that sentence. It’s not important, it’s not part of your story. Heck, it’s just writing. You know, that thing you love to do. Care to do it for me? I need you to do it for me. I need you.

Don’t flatter yourself. I need you to finish that sentence. I’m plot blocked. Can you do it. Show me what you got kiddo!

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