Short Stories

Crime Pays. A free short story

      Crime Pays R.R. Virdi Copyright 2016 Published 2017 Ninety-nine dollars isn’t enough to a save a life. It is however enough to piss off the wrong people. Great start to my evening. The halogen bright LED screen flashed blue as the pinhole-sized...

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Small Prices

A new free short story from yours truly. An old piece I wrote in my Literature of Science Fiction class. I hope you lot like it. 🙂 Enjoy and leave comments folks. Share it!   Small Prices R.R. Virdi Written 2015 Copyright and Published 2016             The...

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A Night Among The Graves

So once again I'm back with a free short story. If you like it, love it, and more...comment. This is something I resurrected and dedicated to a very important person in my life. I hope you love the free read. And if you're a nano (you know who you are, thank you!) A...

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Free short story: Red Sands

Hey you! Yes you! You reading this right now! Do you like free stuffs? You do? Of course you do! Who doesn't? Well here is a free short story of something I penned a while back in 2014 creative writing class. It's not my usual fair of fantastic fiction in the...

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