Where you can find me, when I want to be found that is. At the moment, good luck, I’ll be harder to find than the offspring of Where’s Waldo and Carmen San Deigo. Can you say ninja!?

And why yes, you can find me, all you have to do is click the links below. Can you do that for me? You can, oh capital! I love you you strange, potentially stalkerish, great person with the awesome booty, you. Because everyone needs to be told how great their butt is on occasion.

Twitter < Just click and you’ll be teleportated to land of pure imagination, with some delusion, all in 140 characters!

Facebook < Same as above, want access to my world shattering (not so much) mind opening (not really) and hilarious (definitely so) and possibly motivating (heck ya) posts? Well do ya? Click the facebook link and like me. Please? Everybody can use a little bit of like!

Amazon < Want to watch as my career and bibliography grow? You do? Really? Oh wow, did I mention how great your derriere looks today? Because it looks amazing. Just click that link to check out my books and my amazon author profiile!


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