Arrogance? Before afternoon. Egads! How do I do it? Well, it’s not my fault, not entirely anyways. So whose fault is it? Well, that blame goes to my wonderfully amazing friends. That’s right. That’s how I know I’m going to make it and succeed one day as an author, and so can you. Pretty arrogant right?

So why am I placing this heaping mountain of blame at their feet, and not taking it all for myself? Well, without them, I would have crumbled long ago. In fact, I’m starting to realize that friends are the key to success. Why? Because, they’re the ones keeping me going. Yes, I’m going slow, that’s on me, the slow goings. But I’m still going, why am I going at all? My friends. I mean I wrote book one without them….woooo < (sarcasm) but why is it doing as well as it is?

Good question? *Thinking man pose*

My friends. Shocker. Spreading the word, checking it out themselves, being a better marketing team than any business has. Trust me on this. They’re magical, and I don’t know how. They’re the reason I have 104 reviews at this time, five fully colored in stars on amazon. That’s…for an indie author….mighty impressive. They’re the reason book one is heading to print at all, all the nudging and gentle, sometimes not so much, nagging. They’re pushing me to be better and not a failure, even when I feel like one. The biggest one.

So I guess, this is for them. Something to show them how much they mean to me and that none of this is really my success, and accomplishments. It’s really theirs, I’m just being carried and pushed. They are why I know I’ll succeed, because they’re scary, and aren’t really leaving me any options but that.

So, it’s rather obvious, to succeed, you need good people, great friends. I’m blessed I have ’em. I may not have money, a college degree, a fancy this, a girlfriend, and or hollywood looks, but I have amazing people in my life who want to see me become something. And they won’t let me fail. So thank you, all of you.

You are all amazing, wonderful people with amazing hearts. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, I’m not going to ask, I’ve learned not to question the good things…sort of. But thank you.

*Raises glass* Here’s to success.

And to anyone reading this, remember, whatever it is you want to do, get the right people beside you, they will mean more than all the money, and anything else material. They will be the reason you progress at all. Trust me. They’ll keep you from folding like a┬ácontortionist.

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