Heyo blarghers, been a while. You’ve likely forgotten who I am. That’s cool. I do too some of the times.

So I’m back, have been very busy. Getting book one into print after all this time. It was a good decision as sales are amazing. Oh, I happened to win best book of 2015 from the illustrious A Drop of Ink Reviews. The reviewer featured on best selling novel Paladin by the ever so amazing Sally Slater. That was awesome.

So what am I here to talk about? Just to remind you that time is your friend. It’s been years since I wrote book one, Grave Beginnings. I’m still learning and have learned so much since then. Even though book two isn’t out yet (IM WORKING ON IT) I’ve improved greatly since then. It shows in my newer writings. Time isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend.

I’ve learned the business and marketing better. I’m growing, increasing sales and winning awards. Not too shabby right?

With time, no matter how far behind you feel, you’re not. You’re learning, growing, improving your writing and more. That’s only going to help your career. So trust it, go with it. Let time pass and do your thing. It’s not a race. You’re not fighting to outpace and run other authors. You just need to finish your works when you can, grow, and improve. Your career will turn out fine.

Just have some faith and realize time if your friend.

Let me ask you this. If you keep writing, publishing, growing and working hard, where do you see yourself in 15 years?

Pretty nice career right? Can you only imagine it!?

How about 10?





Just another year away, how much will you grow? Heck how far have you come in this year alone?

Let’s see, this year? Well again, I won a prestigious award, improved my writing more, sent off book two for final editing, had its cover designed, and oh yeah, released the paperback off to a great sales start. I am not bragging, I’m just making a point. That’s one year.

You can do these things. Heck, some of you already are. So just imagine in 15 years what you can and will be doing? Time is your friend. Understand that. Don’t feel rushed or behind. You’re not.

You will only get better. So stand back and let yourself.

Keep writing.


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