So it’s ugh, later in the day, and somehow, my adhd powers have failed me, all my energy is magically sapped, I don’t know how or why, but I’d like it back. So I’m blarghing again, what is my plan to combat this? Caffeine pill, because clearly someone with adhd needs more energy, and of course, tea. Tea you say, I say? Yes. Because remember, you, YOU, the you and yous oh ominous, unseen faceless yous, are not real. How can you be? I mean you’re here, reading this? Really? Don’t you have something better to do? Because I don’t. I’m still warming up to write. No it’s not writers block, trust me.


I’m am brain fogged, I can barely stare at the screen and that’s what I do best. Where’s my energy, it’s like I’ve been hit by Absorbing Man (DC Comics reference ho!) So back to tea, why tea? Why this post? Why is it relevant? It’s not. I’m doing this because like I said, I’m blarghing. *Blinks* I think I’m going to go have a mental break down now before I get my energy back and write!

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