Eh-oh Blarghers, welcome back to another riveting edition of—something is happening on my website that you care to check out! It sounded a lot more streamlined and awesome in my head. So straight to the point because you like a man who cuts through the jib and fluffery.

Slow goings. It happens to the best of ink monkeys. You’re sick, brain fogged, sometimes you fall behind on your word count, whatever. It may sound like contradictory advice, but it’s okay. Is it nice to write everyday? Absolutely. Is it necessary? No. There are New York Times Best selling authors who write every other day, weekends, and so on. There is no ONE TRUE WAY TO WRITE. The point, is to get your story written. End. Sometimes you will fall sick, that’s okay, you’re human (UNLESS YOU’RE NOT IN WHICH CASE I AM WATCHING YOU WATCH US YOU EVIL ALIEN SPY THINGY!!!) so you might need to rest and slow down. Cool. Don’t push it. You need to live and rest too. If you write, awesome. If don’t write much, hey, still awesome. Some words are better than none. If you have to write less and go slow, then go slow bro (pokemon joke!) and if you can’t write, that’s cool too. A day or two off won’t kill you, or believe it or not, your momentum either.

Now it may feel like that at times, and it will be you plot blocking yourself, but in truth, you won’t kill your momentum. Hey, take some time to read a book. Remember those things? Yeah, I bet you do. You stroke their spines, inhale there booky smells. You hold ’em close and intimate. I know what you do with your books. And it’s all cool. Take it slow when you have to. Sometimes if I can’t write, I’ll just plan out the next sentence. That’s it. And that’s all you need to start. Sometimes I’ll go start something else. Or a fun little short story project. Practice is practice. And never knock the power of a good short story or what you can learn from it. Go slow when you need to. You are human. You have my permission to chill when you need to. Got it? Good.



By the by, today I am sick. Send me your good vibes, maybe your soul, in the comments below. I appreciate it and will feed off them until I am back to full HP!

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