Blargh. Blargh. Blargh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m awake, it’s early, I hate it. I hate the light, the sun, the morning, the morning people, being awake. But I’m up. So I’m going to write. Screw everything, I am grumpy. Grrr.

You can’t see it but I’m snarling, growling, rassling, grassling, murfling and being a curmudgeon. But, I’m going to write and turn off my brain. It’s a good exercise. This is just for me. Not you. Besides, most of you aren’t even real. You’re imaginary. I man. me…have followers? Absurd. Still not awake. Want to sleep. Popped caffeine pills. Am I up? Nope.

Blargh. Whoever invented mornings needs to die. So not cool.

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