Fibromyalgia is a bodily disorder that causes people to suffer through musculoskeletal pain. That’s not the only issue. It’s normally bundled up with sleep issues and can cause fatigue and mood imbalance.

Women are more likely to develop it than men at a 2 to 1 ratio and its problems can compound further. Many people who suffer from it also experience tension headaches, joint disorders, anxiety and depression.

People can sometimes develop symptoms after an infection, massive psychological stress, bodily injury/trauma and sometimes even surgery. And sometimes there isn’t a trigger at all.
So what’s it like in the day of someone suffering with this. Well, many people report waking up to start day already in excruciating pain, especially on load bearing joints. Knees, hips the base of you neck all screaming out. Your hands and shoulders can feel stiff. This is the joint pain mentioned. The surface of your skin can be tender and even something like putting on a pair of jeans can hurt. The rough fabric can feel like your rubbing sandpaper against your body. Since it affects your muscles and nervous system, many people are more susceptible to the temperature. It means having to take extra care to not catch a cold or burn up in temperatures others may find suitable. All that work and effort may mean that by the afternoon you’re exhausted just trying to get around and function and you have to take a nap. Then you wake up to repeat the process and continue your day in chunks. That’s what I’ve been told.
While there are a number of medications that can help ease symptoms, there is no cure. Things people do report that help. Hot Epsom salt baths. Yoga. Finding the appropriate clothing and daily routines. Some people recommend teas that help soothe the nerves.

To become more aware check out the NFA National Fibromyalgia Association.



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