Today I’m going to make you believe, not in me, not in anything crazy, but something endlessly important—you!

This lesson is coming from an amazing, and inspirational man I was fortunate enough to meet at a writing seminar. That man is James Artimus Owen .

He’s the man behind an impressive bibliography of books and illustrations. A career artist, author and motivator. An impressive list. The lesson he taught me that still resonates with me today, believe in yourself.

He’s a man who followed his dreams even when the world and people seemed to stand in his way. You know what came of all of that?

He made it. He’s arrived. He’s achieved the things we dreamers want.

What’s he doing now that he’s done all that? Sharing his wisdom and experience with us. Not something to be taken for granted. But, going through the trials he has, he’s made one thing clear, it’s important to believe in yourself. Why?

Because sometimes not everyone will, but you can. You can always believe in yourself. It might be hard at times, but hard isn’t impossible. It can be done. And you need to believe in yourself first. Because when you do, others will see that, they will step aside and out of your way. Or…some of them come to your side, they help you, push you, believe in you. But it has to start with you—always.

Just like the dream needs to come from you, so does the belief. But hey, I’m a bit of a cheater, so why don’t I kickstart you.

I believe in you.

I believe in you.

I believe in you.

I believe in your dreams.

I believe in your capacity to reach, achieve, and create them.

I believe in your skills and wondrous talent.
I believe you’re the right person to make them happen.
I believe you deserve to have them happen.
I do.
It’s true.
You’ve got this. I believe in you.
And if you want to read the stories and life behind what made James the amazingly inspiring man he is. Please check out his kickstarter and support it if you can and share.

Here’s the link!

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