Bump in the Night Thrillers! A Storybundle you have to grab!

Bump in the Night Thrillers! A Storybundle you have to grab!

Bump in the Night Thrillers


That’s right, I’m part of a wonderful storybundle (kind of like humble bundle but for books only) in where we have one mighty impressive lineup of paranormal thrillers! So, how’s it work? Simple. You go to the site, pay what you want, and collect some reads. The more you pay, the more you unlock. All the money goes to helping out us authors and the storybundle program and…charity!

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^^Click the image or the following link to go there: https://storybundle.com/thriller 

Please share it around if you already have these titles or just feel like being of great help. Every share, eyes on this, and purchase really does help. Remember, there’s up to sixteen novels for grabs. If you’re an urban fantasy/supernatural fan, how can you pass this up?

R.R. Virdi Launches Patreon

Hey-o true believers. How are you?

Oh, me? Well, thanks ever-so-much for asking. I’m capital. See, some of you have been nudging me for quite the while to get up and start this Patreon thing. Others have wondered where I’ve been. I really haven’t been posting as much. Oops. My bad.

But I’m back. And, here it is. My patreon where you can get on up and get sneaky first hand/early access to all my imaginary gobbledy brain nuggets. If you want ’em, that is.

Here’s the linkaroo:


^^How do you support me so you can see some more wordings? Well, if you can’t commit financially, which is so totally okay, maybe do a share and pimp the link around.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and investment in my career, whether it’s with money, or just your love of my work and word of mouth sharing. All of it makes a difference. You have an amazing effect on my career and life. So, thank you.

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