Hello blogophiles, bloglites and blarghers, today we’re talking about the glums and saddening thoughts authors think that sometimes keep them from being productive pen monkeys. It’s depression. That noxious feeling that smells like those disgusting pine tree car fresheners.

I have it and struggle with it, not an easy thing to admit over the interwebz to all ninety million of you imaginary people I dream of. In reality, I think all two of you reading this blog. But it happens. It keeps me, and many others from writing and doing things at times. And I want to say this, it’s okay. It’s wonderful to be able to write everyday, awesome, amazing and more. But that’s not life, and it’s okay. It’s okay to have a day off and feel crappy, to go read all day instead. That’s still practice. This is an art that has many ways of improving. Not just by writing. Reading helps, taking time off to decompress helps. Everything that gets you feeling better, and back to writing, helps.

This isn’t some super wonderful piece of writing here. This is just a talk about depression, and the artists that have it. They struggle, and it’s okay. We can’t always be one hundred percent and chipper and tear up art. Not everyone is made that way. And it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with them, me, you, us. It just is. And that’s okay. It’s what you do to get better. It’s not about fighting and kicking butt everyday. Sometimes it’s about remembering to take it easy, smile at the smaller things and just…calm down. It’s worse when your depression compounded with ADHD, but that’s a talk for another time.

All I want to say is this, if you struggle with depression, are some form of artist plagued with it…It’s okay. You’ll do great things, and you don’t have to do them all day, everyday, all the time. Take a break, do yourself a favor and chill. Try to get back to one hundred percent. That’s all. Have an awesome day. Here’s lookin’ at you kid. And…your butt is awesome. Stop worrying about it.

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