Morning there blarghers, you might recognize me from such blarghs as pooping your pants to plot, and tea me till I write. Yes, I’m a bit of a celebrity in my own mind, at times…and on this blargh. Wonder why? Today I’m going to blargh about writing what you love?

But dude, isn’t that what everyone does? I mean everyone writes what they love, and they know that. Do they? Do they? At times it doesn’t seem like it to me. But I’m going to talk about it regardless, because, blargh.

So writing what you love, putting yourself out there and into your work, it’s scary, terrifying, oh my God it’s blood chilling. And you’re supposed to do that? You little masochist you. The short answer, yes. I mean why else write? Surely not for the money, or are you in for a surprise. All the greats say it, you have to write for yourself, and I think it’s safe to say they know what they’re talking about it. If you write for the money, you’ll be disappointing the second it doesn’t come, because it just doesn’t come at the beginning, it just doesn’t. If you write for yourself, you’ll be writing a long time, and eventually the money will come, as will other things. Plus, it’s just more fun writing for you. You remember that word, that thing, fun right? You used to have it all the time before becoming an adult. That’s why it’s important to write for yourself, writing the stories you have to get out of yourself, the stories you want to write and read. That’s how art works. I didn’t make the rules kid, I just play by ’em…sometimes.

You have a voice, it’s yours, your very own singular voice, use it. We all have our own tales to tell, stories to spin, and words to write, so write ’em. The ones you want. We’re here to to a lot more than pay bills and die. We have voices and stories inside us, dreams and narratives we love, so write them, write what you love and share it. If you don’t, you’re hurting yourself and that’s not cool. It’s already masochistic being a writer, don’t make it worse!!!

Yes, not everyone’s going to like it, and that’s scary. It’s also okay. Stephen King gets one star reviews from people who don’t like his work. It happens to the greats. Who cares? You’re not writing for the haters. First, you’re writing for you, then, the people who do love your work. That’s it. I can guarantee you this, there will be people who are fans of what you’re going to write. 7 billion people in the world, its a fact, some of them are going to like the cut of your jib. So, get cutting, start jibbing you pen monkey you!

A pen monkey must love their writing, and write what they love. Go pen monkey, holler, write, be free, dangle and doodle, make words, make stories. I free you pen monkey to go write all the things you want to! Make me proud, monkeys!

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