Worry is something that can eat you. In fact, it does at you—your sanity and calm. It leaves holes in you that left unchecked, grow larger. And it is very easy to just say don’t worry. Easier said than done. But you what? Worrying is in fact part of your imagination. It just is. Its a crazy, bad part, yes. Still a part. What does that mean?

Well, first recognize that you are worrying and over what. Just acknowledge it. I’m not saying approve it or anything else. Just go, yes, I am worrying, and over this. That’s it. Understanding is key to over coming anything. We fear what we don’t know. Like future outcomes and the unknown. And that’s okay. We are all people. People worry. It’s okay. It can be about your work. That’s normal. All artists worry at some point or another over something work related. It’s okay.

But worrying takes away time from everything else. Including your craft. The time you spend worrying can be used for other things. It can. After you realize what you are worrying about, realize that you are spending time feeding those worries. That you could be do something else. That’s all. Don’t over think and start thinking of everything you can or should be doing. That’s something else that leads to more worrying. Just realize that, I’m worrying, I can be using this time to do something else. End. Don’t come up with what else to do. Just know you could be.

That helps. It helps bring you back to ground. If you do need something else to do, and you’re worrying how about something you know relaxes you? As an author, for me, that’s reading. Not writing because sometimes that could make me worry more. After all, it is my art, and like I said, artists worry over those too. Especially so in many cases.

Accept that worrying is natural. Understand when you’re doing it. And then realize that you’re spending time on it, and that time could be better something doing something else. Whatever it is, worrying, or something fun, you can lose yourself in it. Which would you rather be swept up by/in? Not a hard choice right?

For me, I’m staring at my newest Work In Progress. A behemoth for me. By far the largest manuscript I’ve written to date. It’s not finished but it will be. I know that. I’m worrying about the next few lines. Oh my God. Will you readers and authors like it? Will you hate it? Will you hate me?

All over a few lines. Chances are that 90 percent of you will never even remember them if you do read this novel slated for publication in December 2016. Actually scratch that. None of you that read this will remember. Why? Because…they’re not that important. It’s the truth. Not every line of your work has to have importance. It can just be someone opening a door.

It happens in novels. Unless your characters can walk right through them. Mine can’t… Unfortunately I am not the creator of X-Men.

You know why I’m not worrying now? I just wrote 500 words. That’s some people’s entire word counts for a day. It’s about a quarter of mine. And I did it first thing in the morning on my blog/website. Not too shabby for not even being awake. But you know what?

It is settling my early morning worries. See what I mean? I could have sat there worrying about so many things. And I did, a bit. But I still got on here to write about them, knowing I could use that time for something else. Heck, I’ve still got a little flutter in my heart. That’s okay. It’s okay. It’ll pass. Thing’s always do. Time always does. It passes.

Keep working on what you love. Living and learning. Grow. Write. Dance. Sing and play. Dream and do.

Worry not. And if that’s too hard at first, try what I’m trying, and worry less.

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