Sometimes you’ll worry about your work. Your quality. Sometimes people will like and love your work more than you do.

Time to get candid? Well, I still have nightmares at times about book one. What if it’s not that great? What if it’s so rough and the only reason I’m doing okay is because nanos like me but the world hates me? What if the longer time goes on the book falters and does so bad in reviews that it hampers my entire series and thus future. What if…

^^See what I mean. And yeah, it gets crazy and keeps me up some nights.

But the thing is, it’s not for me to decide. I worry that all the time, and yet, many people have a better opinion of it, and somehow, me, than I do myself.

Sometimes it’s just better to shut up, and even if you can’t think highly of your work, just agree with the others who do.

It’s easier than arguing.

And, it’s out of your hands. People are going to like your work if they want to. You telling me you’re honestly going to want to change that? You want them to hate it?

Yeah…didn’t think so.

So, yeah, it can be scary. Opinions totally can be.

But if I told you tomorrow that reviews no longer mattered, they didn’t exist nor contributed to sales. Would you write easier knowing that? Many probably would.

Well, write knowing this, as much as you fear some things about your work, as much as you notice its flaws and worry for it, there are people out there who will and do love it. There are people who will only see the amazing bits of it. There are people who will cherish it and need it. For some it will be there most favorite thing.

So yeah, today, just go with this okay, that you’re awesome and so’s your work.

It’s early, I’m not in the mood to argue. Bad night’s sleep worrying over this shit myself so…I come with words from experience.

Now, to go find where they grow the breakfast foods at so I can grab a wild, breaktis!

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