Oi-yo, hey, and a howdy to you blarghers.

Novels. They are fun, epic, awesome, long reads, short reads, fat reads, skinny reads, you got to love ’em all. But how do you start one? How do you…novel? Well, honestly, word by word really. I know how dumb and obvious that sounds, but it’s the truth. No matter the outline, or plot, you still have to start with that first word. I know a fair hand of authors who are terrified of getting that first word down. It has to be perfect.

No…it doesn’t. That’s what editing is for. And when it comes to novels anyways, there’s no such thing as perfect. A line can always be better, no matter who wrote it. A sentence can always be tighter. A story can always be smoother. So what? Even the pros make and have mistakes in their novels, oh yes, tis most true.

It’s like a ball, you have to roll it to get momentum going. The roll is the hardest part, the bit that takes the most effort, but it pays off. You need to start with just one word. It does domino into sentences, and paragraphs and chapters, it just does. The problem is, some people are so busy thinking about the whole chapter, and the paragraphs, they overlook the word they are on. Big mistake. Just take it word by word, one at a time. It’s how I do it. I don’t struggle to put out content. I struggle with finding writing time. That’s a different problem…and has to do with my adhd struggles. Again, different issue, different talk, different day.

But that’s how stories are finished. Word by word. It’s how I’m writing this post, word by word. Yes it’s simple but just try it. Think one word to start something. Just one. That’s all you’re allowed to do. It’s a great exercise I like to do. Create a list of 25 single words, something you could begin a sentence with. Then write one brand new sentence for each word, keep them totally separate. So like this.

1) The

2) There

3) Once

4) And so on, you get the point.

One word can start a sentence, each sentence can lead to a couple, which can lead to a paragraph. People have written stories on a simple one line challenge, and you can write a line off one word. So take it a word at a time, especially when you stall. It happens, and it’s okay. If you come to a stop, just think what the next word needs to be, not the whole line, not the whole chapter, just the next word. Got it? Good. Write it and done. Repeat.

That’s how this works. It isn’t always easy, definitely easier said than done. But, sometimes writing can be like that. Trust me, tidbit writing exercises DO help when things grind to a halt.

Take it as a challenge, that’s right hot shot, I’m calling you out. One word. I’ll give you one, turn it into a sentence in the comments. See what

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