Am doing a heckin’ wise wake up today. Get your listening tunnels open and on (those are your ears btw, or what you might call your sound funnels) cuz I have a motivates to drop on you!
*Let my head clear first though* Ugh burned out author party take over stuff and…teh congestion! *Am loopy on cold meds*
Okie. *Clears throat*
Why do we do it?
Why do we sit and write?
The hours are long. Deadlines are tight.
Endless worries, self-doubt and no respite.
Why do we bleed?
Well, because art is something we all need.
It’s true.
You’re making something only you can see.
You’re plucking at thoughts, the obscure, a total mystery.
Shaping it, coloring it, bringing it into clarity.
You’re making something out of nothing.
Not just for the world.
But for you.
It’s true.
And that matters, more than you can ever know.
Do you think every person will tell you just how much your work means to them.
Those kinds of rewards rarely show.
But they’re there.
Heck, I’ve had people here tell me my work is their favorite ever.
I can’t believe that.
Times I thought I’d hear that?
But now…I have.
You don’t know what will come of your writing.
Some days you’ll struggle to remember why you’re fighting.
It’s because it’s something you love.
It’s because you’re making art there’ll never be another copy of.
It’s something only you can do.
Something only you can say and make.
That means that dream is only yours to reach.
Not for others to take.
No one can really stop you.
Hard to believe, but it’s true.
Write the stories you want to hear.
Write the things you love.
Because you’ll never know what will come to be.
If you write the stories you’d love to see.
Yeah, it’ll be hard and will take years.
They’ll be days with no reviews, zero sales.
You’ll pay in blood, in sweat, and in tears.
Some days the only reward’s a bunch of words and tales.
But, you love ’em.
Others will too.
It’s hard to see and believe that when you’re down.
When you’re blue.
But, give it time.
It’s a great equalizer…or something they say.
It takes us all a while to pay our dues.
Look at your heroes.
They’ve had to do it.
Take a long walk in their shoes.
We’ve all started as zeroes. But, we don’t have to finish as one.
But the point is to finish.
Each and every piece.
To get it out there. To be brave and share.
Because I swear to you, if you do that, you’ll find you fans, the people that care.
There’s a whole world out their of wonderful people ready to fall in love with your work.
To let you know it means something to them. Maybe the world.
It’s not an easy path, and it sure as heck won’t always be fair.
But, it’s the one you’ve chosen, and awesome things can happen…
If you but dare.
So, the choice is really yours. And I’m trying to help prove it true.
That, if you sit your butt down and write, there’s really nothing can you can’t do.
I mean, look at me.
I’ve been bumbling forward without a clue.
Things are turning out alright. Heck, I just launched book three!
I don’t really have the answers. I just write.
But sometimes, that’s all you really have to do.
*Showers motivates on all the people*
You get a motivation. You get a motivation. You get a motivation. You get a motivation…and a breath mint…it’s morning…why you no brush? That’s disgusting… Go brush your teeth.
This has been a R.R. Virdi thingymabob!
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