You know that feeling, that one that buries itself in your gut and feels like a pound of poprocks and cola going off and within seconds your heart’s beating like it’s doing the lambada? That feeling you get when you get a plot bunny that’s OMG…yeah…maybe you should listen to it. Not just then, and get excited, I mean all the time. I mean when you’re writing it out and you get low. When you can’t see how it’s going to turn out and you’re afraid that it might be all that great.

Sorry, but it is awesome. That’s why you felt all of that, that’s why you got all excited. See, a part of you knows already. It’s no secret but you might need to hear it anyways. You already know what excites you. And if you can excite you, you can damn well bet it’ll excite others. You know what you want, and a great many people like and want the same things you do.

Remember that.

You’re not writing for everyone. You’re writing for you, and, the ideal reader. The people who will get your work. Who will love and hype it.

That’s who. They’re out there.

I know it gets scary sometimes. But hey, the best ideas are always scary. They force you to step up to a new level. They give you challenges to grow.

I learned this when back at the end of August I flew out to Colorado to hike Mt Evans, my first fourteener ever.

It was a scary prospect. The first 100 yards were challenging, even the experts who hiked ’em all the time were winded. It was scrambling over rocks, and climbing up with your hands and feet. It wasn’t a hike so much as a 100 yard inclined rock scramble.

But, we didn’t stop. We made it, took a break, then got back up and repeated up the snowy hill. Got to the top of that, the air was already getting thinner and we were getting about 1/3 the air while expending double the effort. That adds up.

But, we kept going.

We were warned that by the top we would be walking in 10 yard increments. They weren’t kidding. By the top the entire group was talking 30 steps, stopping, resting just fighting for air. It wasn’t muscular fatigue, it was oxygen related.

You’re lungs and heart felt like someone had tightened a drawstring around them, refusing to expand and suck in as much as you wanted. My temples felt like they were nursing two separate heartbeats and caught in a vicegrip at the same time. But…4 hours into it, we climbed 14k feet

It’s going to get hard. Great, cool, inspirational ideas WILL BE AND GET SCARY. All you have to do though is remember that you wanted this, you still want it, and you can do it. You always do it in increments.

You don’t sit down and belt out 100k in an hour poof done.

No, you sit down and write the first word which quickly becomes a sentence. That sentence to a paragraph and then pages depending on your word count.

Day one done.


Month to months later, you’ve got a draft.

^^All done piece by sometimes scary piece.

You repeat that whole process and soon you build a series.

By doing that, soon you build a career.

That’s all it takes. It’s not rocket science, it’s not impossible, but yeah, it can be scary.

The good thing about that is…you can work through scary. You just can.

So remember that. Yeah, you will have awesome ideas, and yeah, they will freak you out and terrify you at times, but remember that feeling you got when you first came up with them. When you first got excited.

Keep writing.

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