Yo blarghers, what’s up!? Today is Wednesday wisdom here on my blargh. Let me shed some perspective and enlightenment on you!

How to treat yourself better as an author. A public service announcement by that annoying dude…

This one is for you writers up late, or early, wherever you are.

Stop worrying about your WIP’S.

I know it’s easier said than done, but remember…they’re WIPS. They will be edited, polished, revised, rewritten and so on until you’re happy with them. And even then, some of you might still worry about other people’s opinions. Fair enough, but remember this, you wrote this for a reason, part of you wanted to write this, you wanted this story to exist. And you either did, or are in the midst of bringing it to life. So stop worrying. You need this, you need this story, and to finish it. And someone else might need it too.

Stop clinging to mistakes. Guess what? They happen. They happen to all of us. Indie authors, and Trad. I’ve seen my fair of mistakes in NYT best selling novels, and I’ve most certainly made my fair share. You know what? I learned from them. I am better now, all because of them. You can let them hold you back, or realize…that like everyone else, you’re a growing writer. There is no end to writing, no perfection. We all just keep learning and writing. Mistakes are a part of that.

Stop looking at other author’s careers as what your career should be like, what you should write like and do. That’s their career. They are they, you are you. Duh. First of all, remember, authors take a long time to build a career. That author or author’s you’re comparing yourself too, have been at this for a looong time, and fumbled and failed. That success, this is their highlight reel. They still have ups and downs, and will continue to do so. It happens. Professional/career authors keep writing, they don’t quit. End.

Write what you really love and would want to write/read. Is it cliched? Yes. Does it work? Most definitely. Look at Stephen King. Love him, hate him, he built his career writing what he wanted. He’s almost his own genre, he made his career and attracted the audience that liked what he liked. If you build it, they will come. Like any great building, it takes time to build. So enjoy that time. Write what you love, that love and fun will permeate your story and shine through to the readers. For me, a huge love is mythos, hence The Grave Report. All the compliments I get are about my unique twists on monsters and creatures I dug up from mythology, because that’s what I love doing. It’s working for me. I’m broke, unknown and piddly. But it’s a start, one that’s working.

Stop worrying/talking about/and harping on about what you do bad in writing or story telling. How about you tell me what you do good? What you do great! Hell, show me. Maybe super fancy prose isn’t your strength, so what? Maybe you’re an epic dialogue writer, evoking endless emotion and them feels with just a few words! Maybe you write kick butt, hard hitting, ballistic action scenes that have our heart box a thumpin’. No author is good at everything. You’re not supposed to be. And play to your strengths. You’re good at action, then make your action the best it can be, so when it happens, we’re all left breathless.

No one talks about every second of an entire movie. Again, only the highlight reel. Make your highlight reel the stuff you’re great at. Action, amazing dialogue exchanges, a mind boggling description of some place only you could/can create. Do you. Be you.

It’s not only happening to you. It’s hard. But remember, you’re not the only author going through struggles. Whether it’s little to no sales (Raises hand) no reviews, finding an editor, cover artist, clients, or dealing with a bad review. It happens. Reach out to your nano fam for advice on how to deal with it, what to do. Worry does you no good. Questions do you no good until asked. Having trouble? Share, ask. Get answers. Learn!

Remember, it can and will be hard at times. Some people wont get it and or support you. Find other people to fill those roles. Every author has a support group, friends, and believers. You’ve already got me. Remember this, you’ve got nano too. That’s 20k writers in all different stages of the writing world, to ask, brain pick, and ask for help when you need it. You’re not alone.

Stop worrying. Read, write, rinse, repeat. You got this. Stop being so hard on yourself. You can do it. Breathe, exhale. You’re a nano, you can already read and write. So just keep doing that, doing what you do. The more you do it, the more you’ll improve. You’ll find your writerly voice little nano, I promise.

So stop by the comments and share, brag, tell me what you think you do/write best?! Come on. This is for you, and about you. FEEL GOOD! Everyone has something to be proud of in their writing. You all have skills and more. Show em off. Heck, write a quick piece or snippet showcasing your strengths!

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