Harlow harlow fellow blarghers! Too long have I been away from you. Sort of. Time time time ugh. It always passes right? So what do you do about it? Well you use it, right? No matter what you do, how you do it, time passes. Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours unto days and so on until the end of your story. Speaking of stories and time, because I said so, what about those folks too afraid to pursue their writing dreams?

Well, time passes anyways. Some people worry that they will never finish a novel, that they have no time to write. I feel you, I really do. But guess what, everyone has enough time a day to write something. Even if just a word. It’s better than nothing. And time passes anyways, you might as well use what hours you can to scribble down some words. Maybe not in a month, or even a year, but you can finish a novel eventually. It took Patrick Rothfuss near seven years to finish his first epic fantasy novel and it took off to win a Quill award and become a nyt best seller.

Time passes whether you’re writing or not. And here’s a secret, if you want to be a writer, you have to use that time to write. So you may as well do so. It happens, I can’t always hit my daily word count of two thousand words a day. When I can’t I still try to use five minutes or whatever I can, to hit whatever words I can. That time is going to pass anyways. Five minutes can be a sentence that spurs on a paragraph and even a chapter in thought in not in word. It happens. Just start.

Stories take on a momentum of their own. They grow, domino and snowball. Just write. Get the ball rolling. Even as I’m writing this now, I’m getting ready for my day job. Now after this, I can sit and chill and watch t/v because I know that in an hour I can’t hit my daily word count… Or I can write for an hour and make some progress anyways. It may not be much, but it will be better than leaving off where I am now. Some progress also keeps the story fresh in your mind, it keeps you moving, remember—momentum. Keep it up, keep it going. It pushes you further in your story and plot. It works for you if you let it. So let it. Write something. Time passes anyways. Never forget that. It passes for us all, all at the same rate. It passes and it doesn’t care about how much you want to do something. You do it or you don’t.

Every word is a chisel strike to a stone tablet, it may not be as many or as hard of strikes as you want, but they add up. Eventually, the stone yields. The most stubborn of stories will give up their secrets if you let them. It just takes time. So put in the time. It has rewards, you get stuff done and it adds up. Like time often does. It all adds up, and it all passes no matter what. Use it to your advantage. Let it work for you. Remember that.

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