Okay peeps, imaginaries, you wascally little dream thingies…aside from the ever so corny title of this post, I have a not so corny message.

Thank you. Two words, endlessly powerful. My mother, that kwazy lady who encouraged me to follow my dreams and write, (trust me she has those days she regrets it) impressed upon me the importance of gratitude in whatever you do, but especially art! Writing IS art for the record. And the reason why it’s important is, well because, everyone does deserve to know the profound effects they’re having on your lives as well as how much it means to you. I say this because today is the first day of my blog and I’ve seen, for myself, a massive success which has had a domino effect into book sales for me.

Writing is my dream, this is how I intend to make a living and live the rest of my life. So for you that are reading this, that have gone out on the metaphorical limb to give me a chance and read, and tweet and share my blog, thank you. From the bottom of my petroleum, batarang shaped heart, thank you. You weird, ever so wonderful people are exactly that, wonderful, wunderbar, great, amazing and mean the world to me. The fact you would, and did, and still do, take time out of your busy lives to bother with me is ever so humbling to me. All I can say is thank you and tell you how much that and you mean to me. And…that I hope you continue to keep reading, liking (let’s face it, like is a stretch,) tolerating me, and supporting my career. So again, thank you. Thank you. And thrice it is said, and once fulfilled, thank you.

You folk may be a hallucination, because I’m a lunatic like that, because who decides to be an author and write all day and night for no guarantee of money and success? Don’t look at me like that? I said I’m crazy. But anyways, you lot rock more than gravel < Bad geology jokes are a must to end on.

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