Yes, I’m four days late. Woohoo. Thank you for noticing you eagle eyed reader you. No…I am not toning down my snark just because it’s a New Year. So ahem. What’s up today?

Well, a little reflection I guess for you and I. Doesn’t matter if you’re an author, painter, or something else. Just think about it. You made it through another year!!!

Yay! Cue clapping. Sounds easy, but I bet it wasn’t. When is it ever? But hey, you’re still here, and I bet you accomplished some pretty nifty things in 2015. It helps to look back and think about them. Because who knows, they might stack, compound and be built upon this year? Why not right?

For me. I finished my second novel in my series, edited it, sent it out to betas and got my first book into paperback. I began making nearly triple the income off writing. (Hold the applause…it’s nothing impressive, believe me.) I won best book of 2015 from an amazing, and prestigious review site/reviewer. ┬áMy novel has been featured in many places, and oh yeah, I have a fan club!? WITH ACTUAL FANS?!

I mean there are living, breathing, real life people who are my fans and aren’t being paid to be them!?

How’d that happen!?

See what I mean? Look back at 2015 because 2016 is just another year. All manner of wondrous things can happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you might not have some bumps along the road. But even bumpy roads lead somewhere, right? That’s what matters.

It helps sometimes to think about all you’d like to accomplish this year. So for me, well….

Release book two in The Grave Report: Grave Measures. I’d like to write and finish books three and four this year, hopefully possible. And release a new novel and series I’ve been working on last year and will finish hopefully this month. Seems like 2016, at least in thought, will be pretty productive.

What about you? Any plans? Any big ideas? Resolutions? Anything you’ve been waiting for? Come on…secrets suck. Tell me!

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