Why yes I am.

Thank you invisible non existers.

Why am I still doing it? Sheesh. I wish I knew. I’d like to say something great like I have amazing dedication, or perseverance. In truth, it’s simpler than that. I can’t stop. That’s not meant to sound cool. I just can’t. Nothing makes me happier than losing myself in a daydream and letting the stories run off.

But then…the end half finished.

What do I do?

I’ll never know the ends of them. I’ll never know the bits and pieces in between.

So I have to write them. Then I need to know what happens after that book and so on.

Catch 22. Wonderful.

And it never ends. It’s great. I just wish I could focus on writing all the time. Maybe one day I’ll be able to. That’s the hope—the dream.

And I’m doing my best. Grave Beginnings is doing better than I believe it could,  winning awards and gaining a heckuva lot of reviews. Grave Measures is scheduled to come out  in a few more months. And the beginning of a new series starts this December. Looks like I’m doing some things.

Am I doing them right however? Will the make a difference in my life.

God, I wish I knew.

Maybe if I keep it up, I’ll find out.

That’s why I write. I love being lost to reality in one of my own. So I guess I’m still a kid. One who doesn’t like leaving questions unanswered. In fact, I hate that. I hate not knowing. So I’ll follow through on the stories until the end.

I wish I had a far cooler reason than that. I don’t. So the one I have will have to do.

Maybe at the end of this I’ll have a shelf of my own books. Maybe that’s childish to some. But it’s sure something motivating to me. It’s pretty cool. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back and read them though.


Believe me, I wish I could.

So now I have some answers for myself since no one really reads this blog. Although, I never expected anyone to.

But maybe, one day, like the writing.

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