You are a writer, deep down, you already have and know your stories. You just need to trust yourself to write them. Give yourself permission to be awesome, to run wild, and give voice to the ideas that spring up. Stop questioning, doubting and overthinking things. Just write. You can always edit stuff later, but you can’t edit what isn’t written. Write.

You’ve literally read, and recorded endless stories over your life. They’re inside you, deep, deep in a dark mushy place called your brainbox. <It knows things, has ideas, trust them. Get out of your own way. Just write. Have fun.

All the greats say it. If you write what you love, have fun with it, others will too. At this point, it might be a cliche, but the only reason they keep saying it, is because it has to be true on some level. Or else why bother? It’s true….all of it. The Dark Side, The Jedi, the Force….all of it.

Wait…wrong thing…um…sorry. But for ideas… Star Wars is literally a space opera following a king arthur story with samurais and magic powers (HUUUUUUUUUUUGE STAR WARS NERD…SO IM NOT MAKING FUN OF IT, AM MAKING A POINT) but people love it. Seriously, just think about the story.

A type of space warriors who are in tune with an invisible, magical force that lets them do awesome things and they fight with laser swords. A rebellion, and evil empire, daddy issues, aliens, and… the lovable skeptical rogue, a princess, a mentor character….like merlin….

^^It’s take from a lot of famous stories and myths…in fact…IT IS. Joseph Campbell talks about star wars a lot in the heroes journey and more.


Then…you will adopt me and let me sleep in your house on a fuzzy carpet…I will be a good ronnie with lots of motivations for you!

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