No, it’s not like that, no worries. I mean, selling YOU, the brand, the author, your work. Yeah, believe it or not, it’s about more than just the books. Don’t get me wrong, those matter, oh boy, do those matter. But, why do they matter? There are tons of stories out there, nobody reads them all, nobody likes them all. We all have our tastes, and that’s what matters. That’s why you matter. Your voice is unique, it IS going to resonate with, and attract others, it just is. That’s your greatest weapon, and why you have to sell YOU. And you can. It’s the greatest advantage to being you. A selling point.

Write what you love, how you want, whatever you want, and you’ll do fine. I guarantee you, you will have fans. You just will. That’s how this works. I’ve never heard of a book that doesn’t sell at least one copy. But that’s what you have working for you, and you alone, that no other author has, your voice. That’s why we buy certain author’s works, we like their voice, their stories, things only they can craft. Same goes for you. There are stories for the world that only you can put out. It’s not arrogance, it’s true, it just is. Whatever your stories are, only you can tell them, so tell them. It might take time, but that’s okay. You’ve got time, we all do.

But that’s what this is about, not being someone else, and doing things that everyone else is. Write the stories you want and need to tell, because there’s someone out there that needs to hear it. That is the absolute truth. There are endless great stories out there, but for me, The Dresden Files is one of the series I needed to read. So thank you Jim Butcher for that one.

It’s my favorite, my go to series when my depression gets out of hand, when life goes wayward, and more. Your stories WILL have an affect on someone, they will be cherished by someone more than you, just believe me, trust me on these things, huh?

You must trust me author, RR Virdi knows these things. 😉

Keep writing.

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