DragonCon 2017 Post Con Updates!

Alrighty then fellow blargh readers (I call this blog a blargh…because, well, why not?), guess what? Yep, finally have my phone back after it bricking at DragonCon 2017 and can post photos, updates, videos and more!

So, what happened? Well, besides having amazing panels with the likes of Patricia Briggs, Cherie Priest, David B. Coe, Myke Cole, and so many others, lots happened.

A handful of successful and best-selling authors plucked up copies of Dangerous Ways from me and had them signed. *Photos below* I had my name shouted out among and by heroes of mine at the awards and after. I heard from the mouths of NYT best-selling authors and the mouths of their friends that they like my writing.

Larry Correia publicly shouted out my work at the Bard’s Tower booth, telling people to check it/me out, and that my stuff was, “–badass!”

His words. Words that are sticking with me forever. 😉

Can you blame me?

I signed autographs. I had my first ever public reading…and killed it. First time readers, new to my world, attended and one pair walked away with a free and signed copy of Dangerous Ways in trade paperback format. 🙂 That was awesome.

It was the stuff of dreams in many regards. So, ready for the pics? Of course you are!

Signing them autographs. #dragoncon #dragoncon2017 #urbanfantasy #thegravereport #thebooksofwinter #tgr #bibliophile #amwritingfantasy #supernatural #rrvirdi

Posted by R.R. Virdi on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sam sykes loves and…wants to eat my book. Rofl. #dragoncon #dragoncon2017

Posted by R.R. Virdi on Sunday, September 3, 2017

When Jonathan Maberry makes some of your dreams come true by taking a signed copy of your #book to #read. *Flails*#author #dreams #dragoncon #dragoncon2017 #writing #amwritingfantasy #jonathanmaberry

Posted by R.R. Virdi on Friday, September 1, 2017

When #bestselling #Hugo and every other award under-the-sun-nominated #author, #kevinjanderson does this with your…

Posted by R.R. Virdi on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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