Plot block happens, you make it happen, no excuses. It’s okay to take days off when you need to, I’ve covered that. But if you’re sitting and staring on that crafted bootay and thinking, and overthinking, and not writing. That’s on you! Sorry for the hard truths but someone needs to kick that rumpadump of yours into action. That’s me, buttkicker extreme. I think? Whatever.

So, next tip for kicking butt and writing words. What is it? Settle down ink monkeys and listen, and listen well. It’s called, believing! *Waves hands in magical ways* Yes I know, corny, yup, but works, definitely! ¬†You need to remember why you’re writing this. So here’s the tough questions kiddo.

1) Why are you writing this?

Did you answer that? Good, great, what was the answer? For money, wrong! For fame? Wronger! For yourself? Right! So, if it’s for you, why are you plot blocking yourself which is so uncool…Why are you worried about what others will think about your piece that isn’t done yet? Write!

2) Who are you writing this for? Again simple answer.

3) Do you want to write this? Yes or no. That answer will tell you to either keep going no matter what, or move onto something else.

4) Do you love this piece? ^^See above^^

5) Do you want to finish this piece? If yes, see 6, if no, start something new.

6) So why aren’t you writing?

7) Are you plot blocked? Yes, reread whole blargh, no…then what the heck are you doing? Reread whole blargh.

8) Are you famous? Yes, then what are you doing here? Why are you reading me, not feeding or adopting me…and seriously, why are you here? No? Then stop worrying what the world will think and write!

9) Are you writing? Yes. Good. No…I can’t deal with you now. Reread blog. Go write. Leave a comment, that will start you writing. Do what I say ink monkey. Monkey see monkey do. Monkey inks like I do!

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