Alrighty-o folks. The Dangerous Ways thunderclap has been approved. So, what’s that mean? Well, that together, you and I can help makes some magic happen.

I’m including the link below and that needs to be done is for the link to be shared and if you feel so kindly inclined to, clicking on it to support with a social media account of your choice. It’s free, and what it is is essentially pledging to support the novel on release day by sharing the exact post you see there. It’s like a social media blitz with word of mouth saying, “Hey, come check out this book!”

Why’s that a good thing? Well, it really does help an author get seen. Remember, I’m no bestseller, but boy would I like to earn a livin’ at this. This is just one way to help launch the book on a good note. Thank you for reading this and more so for supporting if you choose to!

Click the text. >> Dangerous Ways Thunder Clap Link. <<Click the text.

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