Monster Hunter International’s Real CEO Has My Books!

Oops, forgive me revealing the true face behind the merc group that puts monsters on the front of expired milk cartons. <Yes, monsters have families too. Most of them have ads out looking for their members who have been gankified at the hands of MHI.

Yes the site post has a purpose, I’m getting there. I’m also sick, hence why this took a bit longer to pop up than the shorter post on my website. As you may have seen above in the title, woot, NYT Best-selling author, Larry Correia, was nice enough to accept copies of my books (delivered by my kind friend, Molly) at a writing seminar. Some of you may remember the recent post where Jim Butcher, Dean of Urban Fantasy, also took my hardcovers and made years of dreams come true.

He was excited about seeing them, checking out the covers, blurbs and more. That made my freaking, well, everything. And now, another top dog and nice guy of urban fantasy has done the same.

Picture it from their point of view, guys like Larry probably get this all the time.

*Insert beaming hopeful new author with star eyes*

Ahem, Sir, Mr-sir!? Um…can I have like a moment…if that’s cool, of you know…uh…your ever-so-busy time? …Maybe?!

Imagine that happening to you a lot. Probably wears a bit on your nerves. And yet, here’s another author and top name not only in the industry, but my favorite genre that I love with all my heart and, he’s the nicest guy. Look at his face! He’s got a wide grin plastered over it at accepting the books and taking a picture for me. Remember, I wasn’t even there. Both people could have just gone, “Yep, he’s got the books. Take our word it. Talk to you later, peace!.”

Except, they made sure I saw this, that I saw he’s happy about checking out my works. That’s so much dream fuel you have no idea.

For me, it’s just continued awesomery to see and experience. I’ve often been told writing is so Hollywood. It’s a cutthroat and rude business at times. People will let you down and discard you.

Maybe. Maybe. But see, I haven’t experience that. In fact, I’ve seen nothing but love and support from fans, friends, fellow authors (trad and indie) fighting to make it and from those already at the top (like shown here). I’ve personally been on the receiving end of untold amounts of kindness from authors who are buried in work no doubt. They’ve got deadlines, multiple projects, heck, entire brands to continue building and market. Not to mention, personal lives. But, each and every time I, piddly ole me, bump into one or have a friend recommend me, they give up their time and do it with a smile.

Heck, last year after the first ever Dragon Awards, Larry encouraged me with personal excerpts about his journey from indie to best-seller, and just overall motivational stuffs about writing. He won the same award I was nominated for, so, you can imagine how encouraging that really was. This is a dude doing “THE THING!” And he was talking to everyone on the Facebook feed, thanking people, digitally shaking hands (if that’s a thing) and congratulating the other nominees. That’s pretty darn cool.

Another reason that resonates with me is because, well, there were a lot of sour pusses about the awards after it, which kind of sucks. But whatever, positivity away!

Look, my point is, good things happen. They do. And more to the point, OTHER people can and do make them happen. No really, they just do. And you’ll be surprised at who-who (yes that sounds silly, deal with it) does it for you at times. Like again *points to picture at the end of this post* that is a best-selling, award-winning author in my favorite genre (whose books I have) holding my books back now. That’s so awesome and is another one of those (Omg, I can do this, I am doing this) moments!

I’d like to think that he knew/knows that when he does things like this for other authors, because he was a new author too at one point. And him taking the time to do this is just epic. It’s another one of those, good people pay things forward sort of things you know?

It’s a gesture, to some people small, sure. Not to me. This is someone on the top of the mountain pointing to me and going, “I see you.” <In a good way.

This is something that keeps me going.

Because remember, this isn’t a competition, it’s a marathon. You just need to keep running and finishing your own race. And the cool part is this, people will cheer you on from the sidelines, and, and, the finish line. Guys like this who are way ahead of you will turn around, run backwards, and do things to cheer you on.

Yes, I may have a cold today, which blows, but this is one of the things cheering me up.

I can only hope he enjoys my stuff. I think that’s a fair hope, yeah?

And, somehow if you come across this Mr. Correia, thank you so much for this. As mentioned above, this means a great deal to me. I’ve been writing since 2008, publishing since Christmas of 2013. I’m pretty darn young in my journey, and I admit, I’ve let the pitfalls get to me a bit more than they should have. I struggle with suicidal depression, but, things like this really do mean a ton to me. They keep me going. They remind me that it’s not just family and friends that care, that people who have climbed the top will and do make time for us still trying to find our footing and make the climb.

Thank you for accepting the novels and taking a pic with them!

See, lookit how happy he is! Which in turn, since I’m a dork, and prone to fan-boying, makes me happy!

Worst case scenario is he decides to use Dangerous Ways (a nearly 600 page novel in 6×9 trade paperback format) as a club to thwap those that irritate him. I mean, that’d be cool too. I can live with that headline. Famous author knocks out someone with paperback novel.

Um, all publicity is good publicity?

You can tell I’m on cold meds…

Anyways, thank you all to my supporters who continue to tolerate me, support me, love me, some of you who stalk me…and yeah. Have a great weekend!

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