Followers of this blargh, who may or may not be real people…because…I could be totally insane and this is all an illusion…might remember be blarghing about overthinking.

Yes, that thing. It’s a curse. Why? Because, each person kills the thing they love. Or well, they can. How? Great question. I have a knack for asking them. 😉

Our brains are funny things, funny lookin’ too…random squishballs they are. We get excited for things, dreams, ideas, we run off at a zillion miles thinking about everything…EVERYTHING. And woah oh, what happens? We get a bit too carried away with all the possibilities, good, and bad! What can go wrong, what if we’re not good enough, what if we don’t know where we going, or how to get there, or omg…

WOAH!!! Calm down. Breathe out first, a long one, get that out of you now. Breathe in, close your eyes, take it slow people. Calm. Calm…open your eyes to read this…um… PLOT HOLE!

Overthinking kills things, it does. You slow up momentum, or never stop, just because you’re busy entertaining all the possible outcomes. How about you get busy and…write? Believe it or not, the things that help impact an author’s career the most, are writing related. Not social media, which helps, but you know what helps more? Getting your next work out. Building your bibliography. Writers write.

It’s okay to not know every next detail. It happens, so what. Write what you want, what you love. I mean, why are you writing? Ask yourself that. Is it for fun? Then have some, enjoy it! What’s the point of being on this ride if you’re going to worry the whole time. Don’t kill the joy, don’t kill what you love. No critic, or hater can kill your dream.

And remember this…all your critics and haters will one day die. It’s true…just don’t be involved in their deaths…please? I don’t want to have to explain this..awkward. But your works are eternal. Write them, have fun, enjoy them darn it!

If you want to be a career author, remember this, hopefully it’s going to be a long ride. Love it, have fun, worry less and enjoy it. You’ll live longer..and had a blast. And that’s the point!

Worry keeps you from writing, and hey, what are you worrying about? Most of the things like, oh this part sucks…can be fixed in editing. Most of your worries might not happen, and if they do, you can deal with them. So what is the big deal?


Because, ups and downs happen, they’re part of every ride, so what? Enjoy it, rock it, ride it out. Writing is like that. But don’t let your doubts and worries kill your dreams. Because only you can kill them. No one else can. They can put worry and stuff into your mind, but you have the choice of whether or not to let them stay.

Worry less. Write more.

What does doubt and worry give you? No seriously, what benefit? None. Just stress. So why indulge in that? Write your stories. Trust the process, let it evolve. Just write. Worry and doubts are like investing money in things you know won’t pay off…who does that?!

The only thing that will serve you, will benefit you, is writing more. It will help you improve, put more works out, and get noticed.

Worry less. Write more. Got it? Good.

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