It’s another week my loyal, ever so small group of blarghers! So…what’s up? You can answer that one in the comments if you want, use it as an excuse to write something for the day, or to get back into writing.

So today on the docket is this thing called patience. Cue the groans. I know—I know. Not fun, totally not cool. Why can’t we like, just, write and make money, bro? Or sista…W.e. Well first of all, it’s not all about the money. Second thing, you can, but it takes time. Remember, writing is a patience game. Work well done is rewarded with more work, and eventually, that turns into a career. You have to be patient and write on, it will come, believe me. A writing career is no different than writing a novel. It doesn’t happen in a single flash, or keystroke.

Sorry. Not how it works ink monkeys.

But remember, a novel happens word by word, line by line. Eventually you have a whole one and it’s awesome. It’s the same with a career. The sooner you understand it will take a while, the better. And that’s okay. Worthwhile things in life take a while to build. The everlasting things are not built overnight and in a flash. Doesn’t happen. But that’s okay. It takes time, that means you have time to continue to grow, hone your craft and improve along the way. Writing is a slow, patience game. And that’s a good thing. Few good things come with a fast success.

It’s like a flash fire, quick to light, quick to overwhelm everything, and quick to burn out.

If you’ve ever read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, you’ll know that dreams take a long while to come true. There are going to be trials and tests along the way. Things that will and do require patience. And that’s fine. You’re an author. If you can write a novel, you have some semblance of patience… I hope.

Just keep writing, keep focusing on the work, the rewards will come. I promise. They are coming. The career, the bibliography of works, the all of it, it’s coming little author, I swear. The best things take time. Remember that. Any amount of cooking, building, shaping, dream physique, novel, careers…take time. No coincidence. They require the work, dedication and patience, and no secrets…That’s a good thing. Those are all things you can do.

That means success is possible and in your hands. You can do it. You will do it. The only question is, do you want to keep doing it until you see the results? That’s one’s on you!

Be patient. Things are coming together. At one point I didn’t have a published novel. Then I did. Then I had a handful of reviews. Then ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty…fast forward to sitting at ninety one at the time of writing this. I never imagined that. But there it is. Book two is in the works and in editing…

I’m at the moment working a third novel, first of a brand new series. Work work work. But…my bibliography is growing. When these works come out, I’m sure my name might get out there more, maybe not a lot, but something noticeable for me. That’s all it takes.

Write, rinse, repeat. Keep working, good things are coming.

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