Hello there invisibles, non existers and unfollowers of this blargh. You intangible constructions of my imaginations, or imaginarium if you will, are probably wondering, what means this…blargh—blarghing? Well, I’m so glad you asked you little inquisitive dust person you!

Blarghing is the art coined by me…the ever so sane (not really) RR Virdi, in where, I’m really writing as a warm up to…writing, freeing my mind, and pacifying my scary, yet awesome, editor who expects these things out of me. It’s completely stream of conscious, I don’t know the words that are coming next! Mon Dieu! Je parle Francais?!

Oui!? Get it? It’s just a place for me to let go, and let out, sometimes I’ll vent, others I’ll share something motivation, because if you’ve met me on the web, or in that fabled land of nanowrimo on facebook, you know that’s what I do, I motivate writers. Sometimes I’ll just talk about me, because…who doesn’t want to hear about me? I mean I do, and this is my blog, my website, my life, and all of you are fictional partitions of the not so hard drive that is my addled and thoroughly damaged brain pan.

Fzzzzt! ~ Sound Effects, yes my blargh might contain those. Deal with it.

So who am I? Well, I am RR Virdi. If you made it this far, you should know that, because you’re literate and it’s on my website, and I said in this post earlier. Werds… do you read ’em?  You do? Great, wunderbar, magnifique, and excelsior because guess what? I’m a wordsmith, that’s write you rascally figments you, I write stuff, and people read it! And sometimes…they pay me cent’s!!! I mean it’s pretty awesome.

So what do I write? Oh well, a little of this, and a little of that, AND A WHOLE LOT OF URBAN FANTASY! Don’t know what it is is? Oh my sweet summer child, follow this blargh, and you will…you will.  I’m pretty much talking to myself at this point, a clear sign of intelligence and genius as articles on the internet say, and we know how right those always are haha. I laughed…in case that wasn’t apparent. I also winked…since you can’t see me behind the screen, or if your name is Matt Murdock. Yes I went there.

Random. Post one completed. I think I’m ready to write now. Do you care? Probably not, after all, if you’re reading this, you’re probably me, or you’re not real. Or both! *Gasp* Ce n’est pas vrai!? Mind blown.  Think on that. And you know, maybe subscribe in right corner of my site to my blog posts because that’s how you show me love, and I love being loved, imaginary love is what I need. Um..bye, I have another novel to write.

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