It’s morning, oh say it ain’t so, that bright sunny time of day that nobody likes. Unless you’re one of those morning people. May God have mercy on your poor misguided soul. But, alas, you’re awake my blarghers, and today we’re going to sit down and talk about inspiration. If you read that in a magical, awe inspired voice while making enigmatic and ethereal arm waves—stop it. I do the arm waving around here.

Inspiration, what is it? Is it bottled? Where do you buy it? Does it smell like lemon pledge?! Who knows, but we’ve all had it hit us over the noggin’ from time to time. It’s a writers best boost…but make no mistake, waiting for it is terrible! It’s why you shouldn’t. Because inspiration is unreliable. You can sit waiting forever, but the thing I’ve learned about it is that it likes to wait too. I mean, if everyone in the world waiting around for inspiration to get things done, little would in fact get done. Inspiration is fickle, lazy, and waiting for it is Bo…ring!

It’s true, sit around and wait on your (btw it looks amazing today) bootay, and see how far that gets you. The answer…nowhere because you’ll still be sitting in that chair duncebucket. At least if you listened to what I said. If you didn’t, you little rule breaker you! *Waves admonishing finger*

But inspiration is unreliable and to be an author, you can’t have that. You just can’t. You have to get work done, polished, and published in a timely fashion. Sure, maybe you’re George RR Martin and or Patrick Rothfuss, you have a massive fanbase loving your work so much they’re willing to wait patiently (not so much) for you to finish. If you’re not, then you can’t afford that. Plus it’s just nice, to yourself and your friends/readers/fans, to put the content out there. Nothing wrong with taking your time to craft the best novel you can. But don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. You get it by striking the anvil yourself. That’s how writing is done! <Read that in Sly Stallone’s voice.

Don’t me wrong, yes inspiration is great, but from experience, it strikes more in editing, you know when you have a full story done, than during the writing of it. It happens, just not as much as when you have a fleshed out novel from top to bottom to look it. When you see the whole picture. So don’t wait. Remember, by waiting, you’re essentially halting/slowing up, your own story/world. That insanity will bubble and build and then oh noes, what will happen to you!!??

Dun dun dun.

For your sake, and your squishy floofygumps brain, don’t wait. Write. Because waiting is what waiters do. That’s how you become a movie star, not an author…

Yes I had a point there, although now…I think I encouraged to you become an actor. Yay me. Yay you. Succeed, make money, make movies, adopt me. I’m poor. Please… give me money. Don’t wait.

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