Hey-o so I see you’re still following me, unless you’re new, in which case hi! So you saw the title and would like to learn how to write, hm? Good, because I’m going to tell you how to get writing. Oh you thought I was going to teach you HOW TO WRITE LIKE….


This is not that kind of writing. That’s pretentious. Everyone’s voice is special and unique, you already have your voice, you just need to let it out. You already know how to write, you just need to do it. So how do you do it? That’s what I’m here to share, the secrets of how to do it. It, it, the dastardly it of writing. Got it? All writing makes you better, you just keep doing it and practice. So how do we do it?

You just sit, and breathe. Shocker!? That’s it. Look I’m doing it right now. I don’t know what’s coming next until I get there and boom, I have a sentence. Or a fragment, or a run on, but I have words. Got it? That’s how you do it. Lock your inner editor up, she can come later. Right now, you right. And to do that, you need to breathe. That’s it. You don’t think or overthink breathing, you just do it. Breathe and write. Breathe, write. Write. You sit down and just start with one word. One

Seriously, go to the comments and just start a sentence and then try not writing anything else. It’ll be hard. Once you start, you just can’t stop. Writing is like breathing, it’s natural, we all do it, and we all want to keep doing it. Sit and breathe. Sit and write. You can do it.


There you go, it. That one ambiguous word can start an entire story. IT WHAT!? Tell me! My mind is already running amok with things, stories, bits and bobs. IT WHAT?! IT WHO!? IT DID WHAT? IT DID WHAT TO WHO!? See? Not so hard is it. Stop over thinking it.

Write & Breathe.

Breathe & Write.


Or don’t. Because you’re not real are you. No you’re not, ooh no you’re not. Who’s a little figment of my imagination being used to keep me insane and thinking people care about my iddy bitty blog, you are, you are. Oh yes you are!

But seriously. Write something…like now. Go away. Go be productive and write.

Write you foolish pen monkeys. Write.

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