I know it’s been a long since I’ve posted. I am sorry. Life has been a bit tumultuous for a while, and in the bad way. Then, life does what it does and…pulls a 360 in the karma department to where I find out not only was I nominated for the illustrious Dragoncon Award, but I am now officially a finalist along side my literary hero, ┬áJim Butcher, and other New York Times Best Selling authors as well as one who’d been nomiated/won a handful of prestigious awards.

Wait. What?

Start over.

Yeah, I know. How did little old indie author nobody me get this far?

I have no idea. If you find out, let me know so I can patent this!


There’s the short list right there. Pretty snazzy company. I’m humbled and blown away. So, I guess this is the part where I let you know the truth. I am the underdog, BY FAR. I’m not expecting to win this. That’s out of the question. But the nomination is an honor beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. And I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me get this far. If you do decide you want to register to vote, this is where you go to sign up. Once you do, you’ll get a confirmation email which you obviously confirm on, and then…well…wait for your ballot. Maybe you’ll see something like.

Thank you everyone. Because I’m still in the clouds over getting this far. My fans, you are all the best. Never forget that.


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