You have a choice. I ask you to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your dreams. You can worry about them, sure. It happens. It’s natural. And it’s not fun, is it? Or, you can indulge your dreams. I mean why not? Now I’m no one famous, special, or whatever. But you know what? Two years ago I published my first mess of a novel and set off on a dream to publish more, maybe make a living, the dream. Haven’t made the living yet. But, I have book one out. Book two is done and coming out in less than a month. I’m working on my third fiction novel for publishing (not my third ever fiction novel…I have files of old moldy crap) set in the same world but new series. So, I’m doing part of it. I’m still writing. I’m making an income, yes a paltry one, but I’m making it solely from writing. As my works continue to grow, as I grow in skills and fans/followers/supporters, I’m sure the income part will too. And then another part of the dream comes true. So I’ve been writing for 8 years. It’s slowly happening now. Now.

All our choices and beliefs are cumulative. They add up and yield certain results. Keep writing, and believing in your dreams. Because…why not?

I’m starting to do it. Some of you are just starting. In time, you’ll likely be where I am now, and I’ll be where some other nanos are now, those who are making a living off of writing. We’re all at different parts of the journey. But here, in this group, you can see across the spectrum. You have the proof. We can do it. You can do it. I know it. I’m doing it. Others have done it. You can too. You will. Maybe you already have.

Just remember to believe. Because I believe in you

A simple nice motivator. Hope it helps 🙂

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