New Glowing Dangerous Ways Review.

Hey-o my ever-so-awesome and oh-so-cultish-like fans! Hi. Guess what? I got a new, and awesome sauce review/feature for Dangerous Ways!

You’d like to read it? Really? Oh capital! Let me fix my monocle. Feast your google beans <that’s your eyes> on this right here. This is a quote from the full review.

— Let me just sum this up for you in a sentence, in case you’re in a hurry. Dangerous Ways is what you would get if Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Brandon Sanderson, and Robert Jordan (Rest in Peace) could write a book together.

Whoa. Did you see that? My brain pan is doing somersaults! Please consider checking out the full review (link posted below or you can click the cover image) and seeing for yourselves, eh?

Link: Dangerous Ways blog feature. <Click.


Dangerous Ways

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