Brick by brick word by wordy word, that’s how you do it. Do what? Do you! Not like that you dirty dirty ink monkey. Do your career. Make it, make words, make stories!

That’s how writing is done, by the very act of itself, and the repetition of it. It’s how stories are written, novels completed, careers made. Three words, endless power, infinite potential, your potential. Never give up. So don’t. It’s your choice. Only you can kill your dream. There are going to be days where it feels like others can and will, don’t let them. Don’t give up. There are going to be days where you can’t see it, the how it’s going to happen, the whens, don’t worry. Don’t give up.

Keep writing. Keep making progress. Keep learning and growing. Keep going. Keep writing. Never give up.

Listen, life is going to be like the apple that hit Newton upside the head, and more often than not, it’s not going to leave you with a greater understanding of the laws of physics. It’s going to knock you down, brutally, sorry to be blunt about it. So what? You’re a human being, full of endless potential, snark, gumption and grit. Yes, I said gumption, shut up, I don’t criticize your word choices, do I? You can pick yourself up at any time.

Keep writing.

Setbacks happen. So what? Keep writing. Bad days are going to happen, I had one today, when I’m writing this, not when you’re reading this. Guess what? Here I am—writing something. Write. Keep writing. Never give up. Words have power, you should know this by now. Don’t believe me? Say something truly hateful to someone. Watch what happens? No? Can’t bring yourself to do it? Why? Because it will hurt them? Yes. Words have power. Say something wonderfully kind to someone.

Like how everyone reading this, right now, you, are amazing and wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for still hanging around, for helping me muddle through my life by reading this and supporting me, my dreams. Thank you for your endless kindness, and so much more. You truly are great, you realize you’re helping me, a nobody indie author, continue pursuing his dreams? For that, you’re amazing.

How’d that make you feel? It’s all true by the way. Words, have, power! So use them, use that power for you, to further your goals and dreams. Keep writing.

Three words. Say them. Never. Give. Up.

Now some questions.

Will you?

I don’t know, but it’s a good question. Answer it. Will you give up? Only you can make that decision.


Should you?

No. But hey, that’s your call, not mine. But I don’t think you should, what about you? Should you give up?


Can you?

Aw heck naw. Cue the z snaps. I can’t let writing go. Can you?


Then keep writing. Never give up. Writing rewards the persistent.

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