Hey-O oh mighty blarghers and readers of my wordiness. What’s up?

Oh this random out of the blue post? Yeah, about that. Well you know how much I love to motivate, and help new authors too. Well that’s what this is. Today is a freebie for a new debut author in the urban fantasy genre. His name is James Baldwin. Remember it.

Blood Hound is a dark, gritty, noire tale. It follows the occult hitmage Alexi. Russian mafia, occult urban fantasy with dark magic. James knows what he’s talking about, well, I guess I should say writing about. It shows in the novel, and definitely in the reviews. Imagine the dark world of John Constantine, but with John Wick thrown in. Occultist magic. Guns. Dark themes and dry wit. It’s something to check out. And today, it’s free. You might want to grab it. Who can turn down a free kindle book. Oh, did I mention it’s quickly on the rise and has surged into the top 100 for its genre and moving up the ranks? Wonder why?

Oh yeah. Because it’s more than free. It’s good. According to the reviewers. It’s great. Fantastic. Gritty and dark. As an Urban Fantasy reader myself, I say go grab it.

Here’s the link. Please help share this if you can. Why not help a new and upcoming author out? It can make their life. And definitely makes their day!


I’ll see if I can get James to drop by with a blog hop tomorrow!

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