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S.E. Anderson

Interview Questions:


1: Hi, and thanks for joining today. In your own words tell us about yourself, not you the author, but just you!

A: Oh man, where to start? I’m one of those people who doesn’t really come from anywhere, with my parents from one place, being born in another, living yet somewhere else… it gets weird. But I’m incredibly fascinated by pretty much everything. I’m currently studying to become an astrophysicist, but in the meantime I write a lot about weird people and weird lives.

2: Why did you decide to become an author and what’s the best part? Yeah, it’s a double-whammy of a question. So unexpected!

A: I don’t think I ever decided, it’s just something that was thrust upon me. I’ve always been writing, or at least telling stories. I guess that comes from having an amazing father who told me great stories as a kid. I think the best part about being an author is being friends with other authors: they’re the kind of people who can damage you emotionally with a brilliant book, but you can still freak out about their series with them.

3: So, tell us about your work. Sell us on it! Why should we read it and why it will capture us?

A: Are you an anxious person? Constantly watching great shows on Netflix and dreaming of life in Space? Well, Sally Webber, my main character, she gets to live that: when she hits an alien with her car, suddenly she’s sucked into a life of constantly having to stop one crisis or another from happening, while keeping herself from becoming a crisis herself. It’s funny, it’s weird, and wholly relatable.

4: Why did you choose the genre you write in over others to start your publishing career? Did others appeal to you more and you chose this? Was there a bit of choice weighing or was it rather simple?

A: I love scifi. One look at my bookshelf and it just can’t be denied. I just love sprawling, epic stories with science at their cores – so it was only a logical next step!

5: So far, what would you say has been the hardest part of being an author?

A: Being happy with your work. Being able to say “yes, that’s enough.” I’m just never quite sure, I always think it can somehow be better. This book took me seven years to be happy with!

6: Now for the ever-so-shocking follow-up question. What’s the best/easiest part, if there is one?

A: Writing. Writing is a blast, there’s really no other way to describe it.

7: Tell us about what your experiences in the author life have been like. I don’t mean the writing aspects. I mean the daily human life. Tell us what it’s like to live the day life you do and be an author at the same time. What’s it like when people in your life and, the people you come across, find out you’re an author?

A: Massive question here! I mean, it’s fun to go home after class and just go to an entirely other world. To completely lose track of time and get an author hangover. I haven’t actually introduced myself as an author yet to my friends and family, though. I just tell them “I like to write” and most of the time, they tell me they do to! It’s really great to be linked by this.

8: Writing is a hard craft and a harder career. What are the things that keep you going, both in improving the craft and enduring the downs/lows of the career?

A: I just keep writing. I mean, if I feel like a book is bad, I switch projects until I feel like it’s worth working on again. I keep writing and reading and writing and reading and eventually, I have a book. It’s the other parts (editing, querying) that gets me down!

9: What do you love about the genre/s you write and what others appeal to you?

A: The world building. I love being able to explore the universe without leaving my room.

10: Tell us about the plans for your series and body of work.

A: So the Starstruck series is going to be fifteen books, and more of them are already done, pending edits. I’ve ben working on the series for seven years, just as a pet project, never expecting to publish. Maybe one other person has read them all. Then there’s a spinoff series of Starstruck, and a standalone with other characters. But that’s just Starstruck. I’ve got an SF/UF I can’t wait to spend time on and tons of YA that need to be worked on.

11: The writing and publishing world has changed a lot. Self-publishing, small to medium presses popping up, and things like becoming a hybrid between indie pubbing and traditional. What are your thoughts on that? Any predictions on what the future might hold? What would you like to see, both as an author yourself, and, as a consumer/reader?

A: Having spent so much time with self published authors, I really believe that it’s a trade that can work. But traditional publishing is not dead: there’s a lot of aspects that self published authors don’t yet have access too. And I see big houses as being promoters of quality, and I trust what their authors put out. But self pubbed authors, and indie press, bring fantastic authors to the table that cannot be dismissed. Honestly? The future of the industry is way too many books to read!

12: The always done and asked question. Who are your favorite authors? What are you favorite books? What are you reading now? Tell us. Tell us!

A: I love so many books, it’s hard to trim it down! I love Douglas Adams and Neil Gaiman, I love V.E. Schwab and Lauren Beukes and David Mitchell… Currently though I’m reading a lot of non-fiction, and Jon Rhonson is addicting!

13: I’ve got to know…what’s your favorite word to use. Every author has one. What’s the word you catch yourself using a lot? We’ve all got those as well. What’s your favorite word just to say? Something where you like the way it sounds. What’s your favorite curse worse, if you’ve got one and or use them?

A: I love defenestration. At least, that’s my word right now!

14: Tell us about your latest release. Or, when can we expect your next one? What are we in store for?!

A: Starstruck is coming out May 4th, and it’s going to be a blast. And there’s not long to wait on the sequel! Bolide Publishing and I are aiming for an October release, though a sample chapter will be included in the print copies of Starstruck. What I can tell you is that the sequel is called Alienation. But that’s all for now, wink wink!

15: Lastly, where can we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Website? Links to your material. Go on, don’t be shy. Share!

A: Links!

Twitter: @sea_author


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