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L. Anne Wooley

Author Interview Questions


1: Hi, and thanks for joining today. In your own words tell us about yourself, not you the author, but just you!

A:  Outside of writing,  I love walking my roommate and I’s dogs, playing with my cat, and even enjoy my roommates bird from time to time (except when poops on me).

2: Why did you decide to become an author and what’s the best part? Yeah, it’s a double-whammy of a question. So unexpected!

A:  A now former friend, (long story), encouraged me to pick up the pen again.  I’ve written off and on for much of my life, but hadn’t really gone anywhere with it.  The best part is getting in the zone, when the muse is with me.  The words just flow out of me, and onto the screen or page.

3: So, tell us about your work. Sell us on it! Why should we read it and why it will capture us?

A:   I write a little bit of everything, but my urban fantasy is set in a world where shapeshifters exist, and my main character, thinking that they were only legends; is in for a huge surprise.  It’s based on Native American myth and she discovers much more about her world, than she ever realized.   And she gets closer to her heritage.

4: Why did you choose the genre you write in over others to start your publishing career? Did others appeal to you more and you chose this? Was there a bit of choice weighing or was it rather simple?

A: This is the first novel that I believed I could finish and get out there.  I still feel that way, but I’m learning so much by writing book two in the series, that I cannot *finish* it until book 2 is first draft done.

5: So far, what would you say has been the hardest part of being an author?

A:  Getting motivation to finish something other than a short story or poem.   But I have figured that I have hurdles that I have to jump over, to prove to myself that I can…once I’ve got a novel done, I hope that the process will be easier the next time.

6: Now for the ever-so-shocking follow-up question. What’s the best/easiest part, if there is one?

A: Character creation   I normally never have trouble doing it, I learn my story what it’s about, and the characters usually introduce themselves.  Though that is not always the way.  Though it can be challenging when they fling something about themselves, that I didn’t know.  Like my Raven shapeshifter (mc in the story above), Miranda Stromraevyn, she is afraid of heights.  I found that out the hard way, writing the first draft.   This is one reason I’m a plantser (plotter and pantser hybrid), if I do a full outline, the first draft NEVER follows it.

7: Tell us about what your experiences in the author life have been like. I don’t mean the writing aspects. I mean the daily human life. Tell us what it’s like to live the day life you do and be an author at the same time. What’s it like when people in your life and, the people you come across, find out you’re an author?

A:  That’s a toughie.  I haven’t had many experiences outside of social media.  But that has begun changing slowly.  I have a group of diverse writers (that are mixed in with a group of other non writers), that hang out pretty much every Thursday night at a watering hole.  So I get to discuss writing, and also have a built in fan club all at once.

Like a lot of writers, I have to have a day job…which is totally unlike writing, I’m a contractor in the Health Insurance field.  The only thing writing related, is emails to my team leads/supervisors. Which isn’t much of a stretch at all.

Usually I do not talk about writing, though when I do, some folks do ask what write, and/or if I’ve been published.

8: Writing is a hard craft and a harder career. What are the things that keep you going, both in improving the craft and enduring the downs/lows of the career?

A:  Well, I host an online writing group that meets once a week.  I rarely put stuff out for feedback, because I’m a perfectionist and like my drafts as clean as possible.  But I do beta read for others on occasion, and reading for pleasure is pretty much not a thing anymore.  I’m always studying craft, structure, how the author puts his/her story together.

9: What do you love about the genre you write and what others appeal to you?

A:   I love the freedom to create new worlds with the Urban Fantasy, even though most of the settings I deal with are real (Phoenix for Stormraevyn).  Though it also has an alternate world it inhabits as well.

I also like to write poetry, and have dabbled in romance.  Erotica some too, there are differences between them, which is fun to try to blur the lines a little.   Science fiction is a love too.  I have read that genre for many years.  Some of the writers I most admire are from that genre.

10: What can we expect from you next? Tell us about the plans for your series and body of work.

A:  I’m working on putting together an anthology, getting stories ready for a couple of anthology’, and finishing my second in the Stormraevyn series Stormwolfe.  Plus a poetry chapbook.

11: The writing and publishing world has changed a lot. Self-publishing, small to medium presses popping up, and things like becoming a hybrid between indie pubbing and traditional. What are your thoughts on that? Any predictions on what the future might hold? What would you like to see, both as an author yourself, and, as a consumer/reader?

A:   The publishing world sure has changed, from just the traditional path, to traditional/self to more self than traditional, I feel the traditional market has finally realized that they have to move with the times.   I think that self publishing has to come a long way, to get the respect that traditional publishing has held.  For instance in the arena of professionalism, and putting out quality work.  Some of the stuff that has been “published” is barely, if at all, past first draft.   This is something that annoys me no end.  If you are going to publish, put your best polished/edited work out there.  You make it look bad for us that are doing so.  Though I think it is getting better?

I’d like to see more professional quality in the self pubbing area (traditional mostly gets it right, but have seen some errors there too).  Self pubbing is not going away, but it is nice to see Trad seeing that and taking on self published folks under their houses.

Which helps all of us really, the traditional publishing industry has the ability to get a wider reach and distribution for writers.

12: The always done and asked question. Who are your favorite authors? What are you favorite books? What are you reading now? Tell us. Tell us!

A:  My old school go to’s are (in no particular order):  Mercedes Lackey, GRR Martin, Harry S. Turltledove (his Guns of the South, and the Two Georges are excellent), Anne MacCaffrey, Anne Rice (of course the vampire stuff), Neil Gaiman (a god of writing, Neverwhere, The Graveyard Book), Harlan Ellison (Ellison in Wonderland, master of the short story), though I don’t care for his stance on homosexuality, Orson Scott Card writes excellent short stories, and he writes good writing help books.  Also love Charlotte Bronte (not so much her sisters Wuthering Heights icky :P)

Reading now… several things now.   Some writing books…R.R. Virdi’s “Dangerous Ways,” really I am, not just saying J    Though my TBR pile is getting really high.

13: I’ve got to know…what’s your favorite word to use. Every author has one. What’s the word you catch yourself using a lot? We’ve all got those as well. What’s your favorite word just to say? Something where you like the way it sounds. What’s your favorite curse worse, if you’ve got one and or use them?

A:  Depends on, and anything purple prosey.  Though those are pretty much for poetry.  But if a description calls for it, I would use it.

14: Tell us about your latest release?!

A:  That would be the one that I’m also in with you R. R.  The Longest Night Watch Vol. 2 for Alzheimers research.  It was truly a labor of love, and I also loved being part of the promotion of it (though that was something  hadn’t planned on, but was proud to do it).

15: Lastly, where can we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Website? Links to your material. Go on, don’t be shy. Share!

A:   First, thank you for having me.  I enjoyed your interviewing style J

I can be found in several exotic locales.




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