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John Murray McKay

Author Interview Questions


1: Hi, and thanks for joining today. In your own words tell us about yourself, not you the author, but just you!

A: I am a 30 something teacher out of Pretoria, South Africa. Mad about cricket and pineapple on pizza (come at me you cretins!). A marvel fan boy and collector of African face masks as well.

2: Why did you decide to become an author and what’s the best part? Yeah, it’s a double-whammy of a question. So unexpected!

A: I always knew there was a story inside me and I had to find something to do while I was an assistant teacher, so I started with a long running web series and then worked my way slowly up to novels.  And yeah, here I am 8 books later. Still feels unreal. Best part? Touching the emotional core of a reader, seeing how my book affected their lives for the better. It’s an amazing feeling.

3: So, tell us about your work. Sell us on it! Why should we read it and why it will capture us?

A: Because I specialize in the unusual and the unexpected. You won’t have a chance to catch your breath for even a moment. That and the unique feature of coordinates so you can follow the story on Google maps. I can honestly say you have never read a book quite like this.

4: Why did you choose the genre you write in over others to start your publishing career? Did others appeal to you more and you chose this? Was there a bit of choice weighing or was it rather simple?

A: I loved the wide creative scope that fantasy offered me and it fit in nicely with my story idea, so I went with it. Not a difficult choice at all, it came very natural to me.

5: So far, what would you say has been the hardest part of being an author?

A: Editing. Dear God the editing.

6: Now for the ever-so-shocking follow-up question. What’s the best/easiest part, if there is one?

A: Getting the initial story idea and watching fans embrace the nuttiness with you.  It’s a total ride which I simply adore!

7: Tell us about what your experiences in the author life have been like. I don’t mean the writing aspects. I mean the daily human life. Tell us what it’s like to live the day life you do and be an author at the same time. What’s it like when people in your life and, the people you come across, find out you’re an author?

A: I have met the most amazing, diverse and interesting people you can ever imagine. They made the long and lonely journey fun actually. I will be forever grateful to them. Yes, some people stare at me when I try to explain the concept of my book (Don’t break eye contact, back away slowly, ready the pepper spray) but I still love them long time.

8: Writing is a hard craft and a harder career. What are the things that keep you going, both in improving the craft and enduring the downs/lows of the career?

A: The fans. They have carried me through the lowest of lows. Dragged me back when I wanted to quit, shave my head and move to a monastery. That and the kickass fellow authors I met along the way, best people ever!

9: What do you love about the genre you write and what others appeal to you?

A: The opportunity to go as mad as I want to. No restrictions or limits. The only thing stopping me is my imagination. But I am already branching out into other genres with my next series. But not romance! For the love of Dr Phil no, just no.

10: What can we expect from you next? Tell us about the plans for your series and body of work.


A: I’m going Historical fiction next and heading to 1980’s New York! Violence, kickass leading lady, drama and all the good stuff is waiting there. Get ready for one hell of a ride, I am not going to be gentle with you.

11: The writing and publishing world has changed a lot. Self-publishing, small to medium presses popping up, and things like becoming a hybrid between indie pubbing and traditional. What are your thoughts on that? Any predictions on what the future might hold? What would you like to see, both as an author yourself, and, as a consumer/reader?

A: There’s room for both and it’s great that the small presses are giving the big boys a run for their money. An industry dominated by the traditional publishers can never be a good thing. I see the market as being very responsive and favorable to both sides of the coin.

12: The always done and asked question. Who are your favorite authors? What are you favorite books? What are you reading now? Tell us. Tell us!
A: I just finished “Nasty Bits” by Anthony Bourdain and it is amazing as usual. He is my favorite author but I must say I am really getting into Mario Battali’s books as well. Cook book junkie to the end here.

13: I’ve got to know…what’s your favorite word to use. Every author has one. What’s the word you catch yourself using a lot? We’ve all got those as well. What’s your favorite word just to say? Something where you like the way it sounds. What’s your favorite curse worse, if you’ve got one and or use them?

A: Although and softly. I’m trying to cut down on the them although (he) it’s not always so easy. My favorite words to say? No worries. I just like to keep things calm and cool, that’s just me.  As for my favorite curse word? Dude, I’m Afrikaans- we have swear words that will make you go grey instantly!

14: You’ve just had a recent release this month. Tell us about it!

A: It’s called “The N Days” And I decided to throw the traditional alien invasion story on its head. Here’s the blurb:  In a world gone terribly wrong. Where the monsters of our deepest nightmares have come alive. One girl is on a journey to find Sanctuary in America. These are the N Days. Welcome to the story of Samantha Worthington Day. On the run from a demon horde that tore through the dreamscape and destroyed everything she ever loved. She is looking for Sanctuary in America, a place of safety and hope where humanity can start rebuilding their shattered world. Follow her journey across the United States with real life GPS coordinates and experience true life locations with her. She has a long way to go and her amazing destiny is yet to be revealed.

15: Lastly, where can we find you? Facebook? Twitter? Website? Links to your material. Go on, don’t be shy. Share!

A:  Pop in and say hi @ and you can find my book @ I also do a free book over on Wattpad

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