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1: Hi, Kyleen. You’ve been here before. I hear you’ve got something new out, but before we get to that, would you like to give a quick refresh to those who might be new to my blog who you are and what you’ve written?

A: Hello! Thank you for having me back! My name is Kyleen Valleaux, and I masquerade as a functioning adult working in the telecommunication business. My debut novel came out in June of 2016 and is called Manor Town. It is a space fantasy opera about what would happen if the Earth was annexed into an alien empire. It’s pure escapism fluff. This was the first in what will be a long-running series called “The Chronicles of the Garlon T’zen.”

2: Now that we’ve answered that, let’s jump right into it. What’s in the box? What’s new?

A: In this box? This one right here? I have a brand new novel being released!

It’s a character-driven romantic fantasy with a shapeshifter vibe. It’s called “Dragons of the Thaumaturgic Realm: Revolt.” This is the beginning of the story of our world, the Geotic Realm, and the world of the fantastic, the Thaumaturgic Realm. We have a young dragon who falls in love with a human woman. Their relationship, along with a lot of previous, history that is delved into more deeply in the novel, triggers a war with the immortal fairy king and the very survival of the dragon race is at stake.

3: This might be horribly generic, but as an author myself, I have to know it. What prompted you to write start this project/series? I know we all have those pulls, deep signs and plot bunnies that make us choose our projects.

A: This book was my very first NaNoWriMo project. It was in 2006. I had just come home from working a project where I’d been living in Louisville for nine months with my 13-year-old, and I had a little time off. So I took up the challenge. And sat on my couch with my laptop for a month and wrote 120,000 words in 30 days. One of my friends was encouraging me to write a YA story. This is the project that made me determine that I cannot write young adult. So I was writing along, and this dragon just pushed his way into the story and totally took it over.

Now that first attempt barely resembles what the final novel is. Which is a good thing. I let one of my best friends read it, and she was like “Oh honey…” I love her for doing that, but it’s hard to take on your “baby.” So I tore it apart twice for rewrites, broke it down, kept what worked and trashed the rest. I am proud of this project.

I can’t say what prompted this story, other than just writing a lot of words, totally by the seat of my pants, and got a novel, the world, and series, that I know people will love as much as I do.

4: What are your plans for this series that you can share with us?

A: This book ends with a strong lead into the next novel. I know my readers are going to be eager (hounding) me for the next book. The good news is that book is written, and I’m pushing very hard to have it done by June. That book completes this particular story arc, and I promise, the pay off is worth it.

I have written a few other books and stories set in this world that we’ll also see in the future. I think I’m going to keep the same theme, but the series would “Mercenaries of the Thaumaturgic Realm: Good Work.” (That’s going to happen, I already have it written.)

Big seismic (literally) changes are coming to the Thaumaturgic Realm, and we’re going to follow our characters through them.

5: What are your hopes for it? Don’t hold back. We all have those for our works. Is there something you want it to accomplish? A message to get across? A personal fulfillment out of it? Something?

A: I hope that people love it so much they create fanfic for it. My main goal in being a writer is to entertain others with my daydreams. I write for myself first. And if I get into it, love it, then I’m sure that others would enjoy it as well. I want to share the world that I escape into.

6: Asides from the obvious awesomeness of completing the project, and seeing it come to light, is there anything else you’ve found you’ve gotten out of it? A new perspective? Something fun that just really swept you over in writing? Maybe a great scene you never thought you could come up with, but did? Anything?

A: Some of my favorite scenes in the book are when Maug, the main dragon character, interacts with his foster parents, Charles and Maggie. I could feel the love and affection the characters felt for each other when I wrote it. I tell a story from multiple points of view, and with probably more characters than most writers use. But I think that’s important to shape the whole story.

7: How do you feel this particular project has changed/improved your writing from a technical point? Everyone has those moments. For me, one of my novels drastically changed how I used dialogue tags.

A: I think this particular project helped me grow as a writer. Because it was such an unwieldy mess, I had to learn about pacing, flow, characters. More than one ended up on the cutting-room floor, so to speak. I also had the tremendous guidance from my developmental editor, Michelle Dunbar. She pointed out things I was doing that I didn’t even realize, and pushed me to make this an even better story than the one I started with.

8: What are you reading right now? Who?

A: I have a couple of books going. One is “Writing Down The Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. It’s a great book on writing as a craft, and I get snatches of reading in here and there. Then I’m also working on DR Perry’s “A Change in Crime.” After that, I have a few others, including one called “Dangerous Ways!”

9: And lastly, where can we find your new work? What about where we find you? Yes, yes, we’ve gone over this before. But once again. Drop those links. Share, if you’d be so kind.

A: My book is available today on Amazon at:

I can be found at:




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Kyleen ValleauxBio: Kyleen Valleaux writes because it’s cheaper than therapy. She works as a telecom mercenary and takes the stress out on fictional characters. Never one to back down from a writing challenge, she will go without food or sleep to get the stories written. Her family and friends have adjusted to her complete withdrawal from the human race each year during the month of November. She resides in Michigan with three big German Shepherd Dogs, and a millennial.


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