Hey, all. So, I’m writing this to bring to the attention of the almighty readers out there the power of reviewing. Yes, those things. Those little stars and word jumbles that share how you feel about an author’s work.

Guess what?

They matter.

A lot.

Yeah. See, the thing is, authors have a hard time with visibility. Sure, not all of us do. Some blow up book one. Others are brilliant marketers. But even with all of that, we could use your help. This is where reviewing comes in. It’s like word of mouth when you’re spreading the tales of how much you love our work to your friends, but here, it’s well, all in one spot.

Places like amazon are concentrated spots for word of mouth or reviews. They really. So when you read an author’s work and like it, consider leaving them a review.

But, but, those are hard!

Well, I understand a lot of people’s hesitation. In a world of professional book bloggers and critics leaving in depth, analytical and pages long reviews. But guess what? You don’t have to. To be honest, if you like the book and leave a simple review of why, or even that you just enjoyed it, you are helping an author out. You are. Your opinion isn’t invalidated because your review is simple. It’s just as valid as the person writing 9 pages about the subplot alone. <Sometimes there is a thing as too much.

All I’m saying is, consider being more active in helping the authors you love. If you want them to continue putting out more work, understand it’s a cycle. It really is. Reviews help them get seen. They help buyers get off the fence to go read that author. They get them noticed. And, truth be told, in a career in the arts, they help authors know where they stand with their readers, they do. They help inspire them.

Trust me on this.

All any of us can ask is this: Hey, if you’ve read our work, and liked them, please consider sharing it with your friends, and sharing with us how you felt via reviews.

That all being said, if you have read The Grave Report (atm consisting of two novel out of hopefully twenty. I’m working on it, trust me) please consider leaving reviews if you haven’t done so already. Thank you.

Remember, your voice does make a difference, a positive one, in helping support authors. Never underestimate the impact your enthused voice has on our careers. You matter a lot. You really do help us.

Thank you for doing that. Seriously, thank you!

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