Sadly, or not so sadly, depending on how you view things, writing is not an overnight success no matter what the end goal. Whether you want a published career, or just to finish your manuscript. But it will come. It’s an inevitability if you make it one. It will take time, and that’s okay. We’re going to spend that time anyway, it’s going to pass no matter what we do. We can use it to finish novels, publish them, build our careers…or something else. You can write chapter by chapter, and create a novel. As you do, you will get better, you ARE getting better.

It’s like kindling a fire. It takes time, gathering the right resources, knowing what you’re doing and then lighting that first spark. You can have that flash fire success, but those can also burn out just as quickly. Or you can keep feeding the fire, making it grow and then sustaining it, keep it ever burning. You’ll figure out all the little niggles as you go around. Finding the right editor for you, the right betas and cover artists. It takes time and trial and error. That’s okay. You can do that. You’ll find your voice and your audience. It just takes time and getting yourself out there. That’s okay, you can do that. You’ll figure out how to market and network, just be yourself, and it will happen. I’m still learning and growing, and I’m figuring all of these things for me. It’s taking time. I’m still no where. But this nowhere is still somewhat further than the somewhere I was five years ago. Time passes. Trust your writing process, your dreams, do the work. You put in the dues, you’ll get the rewards. Sometimes you just have to wait for them. And that’s okay. We’re all waiting for time to pass anyhow. Keep writing

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